The Screwtape Letters By. Lewis Essay examples

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Many books make people think, like books on math and chemistry. These books make the reader think through problems to get to one uniform answer. However, how many books make people think about their unique life situations connecting with those within a book. While reading The Screwtape letters by C.S. Lewis there are many specific believable ideas of temptation that can be connected with my life that I found throughout the pages. The first idea is from a line in chapter four, when it says that humans tend to think evil force want to pu twisted thoughts into our heads; however, they truly are trying to keep things out (16). This thought kind of creeped me out because no matter how much we actually think we know about Spiritual beings, we really do not know hardly anything at all. This made me think of how when I feel as if God has forgotten about me, and when I feel scared of what is to come in my life; I need to realize that satan and his henchman are not trying to twist the knowledge i have of the love that I receive from God. However, they may be trying to keep out the thoughts of forgiveness and mercy that I have received through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This section from this book has helped me to remember to think of what God has already done for me, instead of thinking along the lines of what God is not doing for me at that moment of hardship occurring in my life. The next idea I found while reading was from chapter seven. The idea came when I…

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