The Scratch Of A Pen, By Colin Calloway Essay

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The American Revolution was caused by much more than the simple concept of no taxation without representation; its roots can be found dozens of years prior, in 1763 and the years that followed, as well as back to the early history of colonial North America. Two authors and historians, Colin Calloway, who wrote The Scratch of a Pen: 1763 and the Transformation of North America, and Eric Foner, who authored Give Me Liberty! an American History, offer two comprehensive viewpoints into the origins of the American Revolution and a historical analysis of how the events and conflicts which took place during the time periods influenced the Revolution’s arrival.
Colin Calloway’s The Scratch of a Pen begins in the year of 1763, with Calloway defining the snail’s pace at which news spread during that time period. He discusses throughout the book the populations and native peoples of North America and how the Treaty of Paris caused the migration of many peoples throughout the continent. He goes into abundant detail on how certain figures and events, which were often overlooked during that time period, were in fact the pivotal forces that influenced the Revolution’s occurrence. In addition, through his observations and points, he manages to portray the colonists less as the ‘good guys’ and more comparable to disobedient children, with the British Empire being their parents.
Eric Foner describes in Give Me Liberty! the key events throughout the history of colonial North America, which…

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