The Scope Of Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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The scope of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has four major areas are representative of four major groups associated with an organization:
1. Stakeholders and investors
2. Employees
3. Consumers
4. Community To fully comprehend the ethics behind CSR this paper will seek to examine the ethical links between a business and the previously listed groups. The business has an ethical obligation to the stakeholders and investors to protect their investment, assess risk, and to make a financial return on their investment. An organization have an ethical responsibility to their employees by paying them fair wages, provide a humane and satisfactory working conditions, treat them with dignity and respect and allow them their religious and cultural freedoms. The business has an ethical responsibility to provide quality goods/services, customer service and support, and understands the needs and desires of customers in an attempt to satisfy them. Lastly, a business has an ethical responsibility towards its community by attempting to maintain a proper ecological balance, protecting the environment and taking efforts to conserve the environment where possible, provide services to the community and equal opportunity of employment. Therefore, the scope of CSR will address the ethical obligations in further detail to the above four groups throughout this paper.
Corporate social responsibility towards investors/shareholders Many businesses have social responsibilities to a number of…

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