The Scientific Truth Behind Video Games And Real World Violence

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The Scientific Truth Behind Video Games and Real World Violence
Have you ever wondered why some stores refuse to sell violent video games to minors? If so, then you’ll be surprised as to why. It isn’t a law, but it is up to the store to decide whether they sell you the game or not. Their reasoning is that some people seem to think that video game violence can cause real world crimes; such as, mass killings. The earliest known game was a single-player, arcade, tic-tac-toe game, developed in the year 1950 by Dr. Josef Kates, and it was named Bertie the Brain. The game “Spacewar!” (1962) was credited as the first widely available computer game. The first at home video game console was created by Ralph Baer and was called the Magnavox Odyssey (1971), which on sold under 100,000 units. Pong, developed by Atari Inc. in 1972, was the first arcade game to ever receive universal acclaim. There are rating categories that all video games have to go through before they are released. These categories are EC (Early Childhood: Games that fall under this rating are typically educational games intended for a preschool audience, and do not contain any inappropriate or objectionable content), E (Everyone: Games that fall under this rating can contain infrequent use of "mild" or cartoon/fantasy violence and language), E10+ (Everyone 10+: Games that fall under this rating can contain a larger amount of violence, mild language, crude humor, or suggestive content than the standard E rating can…

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