Essay on The Scientific Significance Of The Kennewick Man

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As modern technology advances, genetic testing has become more advanced and accurate than ever before. In the case of the Kennewick Man, also called The Ancient One, it has been a tool that has helped with a controversial issue. If the bones of the Kennewick Man are given to Washington state, the continuance of the research would lead to a greater outcome for the rest of humanity. However, one can argue that the culture of native tribes of Washington must be respected. Furthermore, it is important to recall the usefulness of scientific discovery.
In the case of the Kennewick Man, the bones should not be returned to native tribes although DNA data has shown that there is an ancestral lineage. The bones should not be returned because the scientific significance of them outweighs the negative impact that it has on the tribe. The scientific importance of the bones is shown by the examination that Douglas Owsley 's team conducted in 2004. Within two week, the team produced so much information, that it took 9 years to publish the data. This shows that the information that can be produced from these bones will have a huge impact and advance science. The information could potentially help us gain new insight that can help better the lives of humans that are alive today. Although losing the Kennewick Man will produce a small amount of unhappiness for the tribe, the amount of happiness that the research could produce would far outweigh the unhappiness. This falls in line with the…

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