The Scientific Revolution Of The Nineteenth Century Essay

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The beginning of the seventeenth century would become later known as the “Scientific Revolution”, for the drastic changes that occurred, in the sciences of European countries during that time period. The word “revolution” which depicts a time of uprisings and great change in society is akin the drastic change that occurred during the beginning of the seventeenth century. The Scientific Revolution is a historians’ way of summing up a slew of historical phenomenon and developments that were not all directly related to each other. When the time of Scientific Revolution came about the medieval philosophy that the scientific community had for so long abide by would be replaced with new methods proposed by the minds of people like Isaac Newton, Galileo, Francis Bacon to name a few. Before the Scientific Revolution the people in Europe followed the teachings of Greek philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato, along with the teachings of the church. Everything changed when theories like the geocentric theory were proven wrong and others alike. The people in Europe would no longer blindly follow the old teachings, instead they looked forward to the new ideas of the future that would be backed by math and science. The accumulate ideas and events lead the era of the Scientific Revolution to become of the most influential time periods of the modern day. Therefore, the historians’ concept of the Scientific Revolution stays vital to understanding the roots of today’s age of modern science,…

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