Essay about The Scientific Revolution Of Modern Science

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The Scientific Revolution

“They are almost universally known as the scientific revolution, because the fundamental changes they instituted in the conception of nature and the procedures of scientific inquiry effectively terminated a tradition in natural philosophy that stemmed from Aristotle and marked the birth of modern science.” (Westfall 1) This quote refers to the elimination of the traditional philosophies that Aristotle believed. The Scientific Revolution began in 1543 and lasted until 1642. This was a period of thought when new theories of science came about to change society and nature and show Europe and the rest of the world that modern science was taking the place of traditional methods. Thomas Kuhn was an example of modern science that believed in the paradigm shift. Professor Robert Hatch from the University of Florida believes that the Scientific Revolution is a change that happened in Europe between 1550 and 1700 beginning with Copernicus, who believed there was a sun centered universe, and ended with Isaac Newton, who stated that there was a mechanical universe. The Scientific Revolution recognized how history develops and matures over time. A theory that has emerged in the past may prove to be incorrect in the future; only with proof, reason, and logic will a theory change and promote more research. There are many questions about the exact years of the Scientific Revolution; however, the shift to recent thinking has proven that man is in a better world…

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