The Scientific Method Of Psychology Essay

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Science Buddies (2002) states,
“The scientific method is a way to ask and answer scientific questions by making observations and doing experiments.”
The scientific method is closely related to the related to psychology due to the fact that without observing, doing experiments, and asking questions there would be no such thing as psychology. A psychologist would never understand the brain if they did not study it. If we were to not to use the scientific method in psychology, it would just be a big guessing game. For example without the scientific method it 's possible that psychologist would think you are depressed because your brain doesn 't want you to be happy, even though the real reason is a lack of serotonin. Although, there are other methods of observation psychologists use; case study, survey, and naturalistic observation. Case studies are typically used for people with mental illnesses. Phycologists would gather a small group and interview and give them questioners and psychological tests. In order to study attitudes and behaviors of a large group of people. The way they get these results is by a survey, where they will send out a questioner or observe the public. The last way of observation is naturalistic observation, which is observing humans, animal, etc. in their natural habitat. There are two methods that psychologist typically cling to, correlation method and the experimental method. The correlation method studies things like, the more you go to school…

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