The Scientific Method For Psychology Relevant Literature Essay

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The scientific method is the cumulative practice of gathering, assessing, and updating information which is later translated into objective measurements that can be viewed and confirmed by other individuals. This task begins with a gap in knowledge which subsequently leads to the research question, an inquiry of missing information about a subject or an issue. Once the research question is identified it is imperative to further one 's understanding of the problem by reviewing credible literature on the subject. In regards to psychology relevant literature can be found by searching resources such as the APA 's PsycINFO,, and PsychFIRST. It is also helpful to review related vocabulary from the thesaurus of psychological index terms. Through these mediums it should be a simple task to gather articles, books, and other publications relevant to the scrutinized subject. After perusing through this newly found knowledge it is important to deduce what information has already been collected on the topic of study. If the project in mind has already been thoroughly explored it may be necessary to rework the research question to avoid unneeded replication.

The next step is to form a testable hypothesis derivative from the literature review. A hypothesis is more than just an educated guess; it is a concise prediction of the relation of variables backed by accumulated data gathered from preceding theories. Afterwards, a research plan is designed to test the hypothesis.…

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