The Scientific Evolution Of The Human Species Essay

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The human (homo sapiens sapiens) species initially appeared a little over 100,000 years ago. The species has continued to thrive as a whole ever since—expanding the impact of their abilities year after year. In order to understand the sociological evolution of the human species, one must first and foremost understand the basic origins of their sociological patterns. A good question to begin with would be: what events/circumstances prompted the start of hunting and gathering societies? The study of macrosociology focus on the development of human societies, which is fundamentally structured as hunting-gathering, simple horticultural, advanced horticultural, simple agrarian, advanced agrarian—and most recently, industrial. Nonetheless, as previously mentioned, the initial society that derived from the human species were the hunting- gathering societies, which appeared within the time frame of 40,000 B.C. through 8,000 B.C.1 Some scholars argue that there were no specific events that prompted the formation of hunting-gathering societies, it is instead understood that the society-type was naturally established by the humans as their fundamental method of surviving within the world’s environment. Scholars believe that throughout most of human ancestry, the hominid subjects were foragers who spent time “gathering fruits and vegetables wherever they could find them”.Additionally, the other stronger and adventurous subjects were the ones who spent time “hunting wild animals or…

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