The Science Of The Media Essay

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Science in the Media
When pondering the term “scientist” many things come to mind, people in crisp white lab coats, someone socially inept, laboratories full of mysterious liquids and formulas, computers crunching experimental data, and countless other stereotypes. Several people and characters also come to mind when thinking of scientists; Abby from CSI performing forensic analysis, Doc Brown from Back to the Future perfecting the DeLorean, Frankenstein’s monster coming to life, and the incredible Journey to the Center of the Earth just to name a few! Most of these ideas (and memories) come from various media types, but all contain skewed view of scientific research and reality. This essay will delve into various topics concerning science, how people today perceive scientists, and how scientists are portrayed in various forms of media. The topic of fictional science will also be discussed and whether it is a positive, negative or neutral force in media interpretations. First of all, let us define what a scientist is – a scientist is an individual trained in one or more scientific methods (natural science, physical science, etc.); scientists rely on a combination of observations and experimentations to arrive at a scientific conclusions using repeatable and standardized approaches. The way a scientist thinks differentiates them from the non-scientist. For example when a negative or positive effect happens from a specific action, most non-scientific people will quickly…

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