The Science Of Shopping And Attention Shoppers Essay example

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Writing is a fundamental tool in society; a method of communication through the inscription of words. In writing there are many styles and strategies used to communicate a message or feeling to the reader. A common writing strategy is the modes of persuasion which are devices employed to make an appeal to the audience like ethos, pathos and logos. Analyzing the writing strategies of Malcolm Gladwell in “The Science of Shopping” and Attention Shoppers: Store Is Tracking Your Cell: Stephanie Clifford and Quentin Henry uses the the modes of persuasion to its best effect. lOGOS In clifford and henry’s writing he introduces the first mode of persuasion known as logos, it is the appeal to logic and reason. beginning with the benefits of being watched by cameras and tracked by our phone through wifi abilities, he tugs on our logic. Why should you care if your being tracked? If we track you, we would be able to send you free coupons in return. who does not want free coupons? The authors says, “[even] if these methods seems intrusive, at least some costumers seem happy to trade privacy for deals”(Clifford, Hardy 112). He does not want an extra 10% of their purchase and all I have to do in return is allow the store to know my foot steps in the stores alone, were our privacy is already limited. Furthermore with the information gathered, the store can change their layout only benefiting the consumers in the long run. they continues to tug on our logic by saying, “Still physical…

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