Essay on The Science Of Sensory Marketing

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I found this article, which will be my first example "The Science of Sensory Marketing" by (Harvard Business Review) It talks about experiential marketing techniques carried out in the automotive industry. Automakers did sometime back, it states that. "Automakers have paid close attention to the senses for years: Designers work hard to optimize the feel of knobs, the solid noise of a door shutting, and the distinctive new-car smell. They focused of the reactions of customers and how this influenced sales. Over time, during automotive shows automakers pushed this futures vigorously on viewers during such shows. It was a successful experiment because based on the sensory inputs clients perceived from using the knobs in the vehicles or the shutting and open the doors, in most cases helped persuade customers to make a purchase according to automakers. Brands such as Mercedes BMW, and others luxury brands have supported the effectiveness of sensory input in the auto industry. According to top luxury brands, they are able to sell thousands of vehicles annually, not just based their names solely, but equally on the quality and fill of vehicles components customers interact with. This gave customers confidence and the perceptions of the quality and considered their purchases worth it regardless of the price. The success of sensory input in experiential marketing in the automotive industry was further supported by this article, because according to it in the year 2014,…

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