The Science Of Nursing Is A Combination Of Performance, Skills, Knowledge, And Attitudes

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I think that the findings of the presented study can be relevant to the nursing science. Palos (2014) states that “the science of nursing is a combination of performance, skills, knowledge, and attitudes” (p. 247). The results of the presented study show a possible improvement of the “performance” resulting in the lower readmission rate. In the discussion section of the presented article, the authors state that the previous study concluded that an addition of the NP in the process of transition from the hospital was beneficial, however, the costs associated with it may restrict implementation. I think that including the NP as a care coordinator would improve patients’ outcome. In my hospital, I see the NPs working for physicians who are seeing patients in the hospital; they spend more time with the patient compared to physicians and listen to patients more closely.
David, Britting, and Dalton (2015) stated that “these findings suggest that CACNP’s may need to be on the cardiac team to prevent readmissions and that NPs may need to develop specific interventions for patients with HF and diabetes to prevent readmission” (p. 254). The authors also stated that introducing the NP early in patient care may not only improve patient outcome, but may also decrease costs. The authors stated that when the NP works closely with the patient and other healthcare workers; this provides continuity and consistency in patient care. The NP can detect barriers of effective treatments such…

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