The Science Of Knowing Essay

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Empirics: The Science of Knowing Carper (1978) describes empirical knowledge as the science of nursing where knowledge describes, explains, and predicts “phenomena of special concern to the discipline of nursing” (p. 14). There are several ways in which the nursing care I provided demonstrated the use of empirical knowledge. Initially, when Mr. Brown arrived, I was the primary nurse. Knowing he was presenting with chest pain, I started a thought process in my head that included possible causes of chest pain and interventions I would need to complete. Simply by looking at the patient, I could see that Mr. Brown was male, elderly, overweight, semi-pale, and diaphoretic. Common risk factors for Heart Disease and Heart Attack include being male over 45, obesity, hypertension and hyperlipidemia (American Heart Association, 2016). This use of empirical knowledge allowed me to work with my team to quickly triage, assess, perform an EKG, draw blood, and notify the Emergency Department physician. According to Menees et al. (2013), the faster the patient can be transported to receive a heart catheterization to open the blocked artery, the better the outcome. This sense of urgency was likely distressing for Mrs. Brown and I knew she would need explanations of what was happening and emotional support. I was able to explain what was going on and why in terms that she could understand.
Ethical Nursing: The Moral Component Practitioners often are placed in situations where they have…

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