Essay on The Science Of Information Management

937 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
The science of information management is growing extremely important as international businesses are turning more complex with each passing year, and knowledge required to excel in the aforementioned field is also getting further involved. With my substantial professional background in computers and telecommunications, I have gained interest and turned out be skillful in this field. However, with each new assignment, the thorough knowledge of information management is becoming imperative. My extensive work experience in information and Communication domain is making it absolutely exigent to have the managerial grasp with comprehensive technical knowledge if I am to prepare myself for the inevitable challenge of a successful career. Such an education will give me a unique competitive advantage in an international workplace. The master 's program in Information Management is ideal for my professional goals.
After my undergraduate education, the strong desire to understand business processes and requirements of the industry propelled me to accept an employment with Ericsson before pursuing graduate studies. It was during my project with Reliance Communications I realized that my analytical and logical abilities were used to the fullest in the field of information management. I was a part of the initial team which was responsible for project transformation and taking handover from Alcatel-Lucent to kick-start the project. I used my excellent communication and leadership skills…

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