Essay The Science Of Body Fat

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I found the information for my project from reliable sources on the internet and from my high school chemistry teacher. This project is the results of months of research and a basic understanding of the science of body fat.

I am only a high school student and not a professional nor an expert on this subject, but I strongly believe that I presented accurate facts about how fat occurs during weight gain and loss and the different types of fats that exist.

There are a lot of misconceptions about fat. For instance, we frequently hear about how it is bad for your health, how losing more calories than you consume will guarantee your weight loss or how fat turns into energy. These statements are not completely false, but the facts aren’t as simple as that.

You see, fat is a very complex subject. These oversimplifications are believed by so many, yet they wonder how come they aren’t losing weight although they’re exercising.

I was one of those people. Like any other kid, I didn’t think twice about what was going in my mouth or how much I ate.

I ate out a lot, especially at fast food restaurants such as Mcdonalds, Wendy’s or Burger King. The aftermath of eating at those kind of places frequently for years wasn’t really noticeable until I stopped doing physical activities like swimming and skating. Then, I gained a lot of weight.

People started making fun of my chubby figure and I looked bloated in all the pictures taken of me. This didn’t seem like a real problem at first. I…

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