The Science Lesson On The Nervous System Essay

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On Tuesday, September 15, I videotaped the science lesson that I taught to Mrs. Oliver’s homeroom students. The topic of this lesson was the nervous system, which was a continuation in the “Cells to Body Systems” unit. The lesson objectives were that the students were to describe (knowledge) how the nervous system works together with all other systems in our bodies and to apply (application) their knowledge of the nervous system as they worked cooperatively to complete the nervous system portion of their body systems poster. The students had previously learned about cells, tissue, organs, and six other body systems. This body system taught in this lesson works directly with all of the other systems previously taught. The expectations for the students’ performance on this assignment were stated on the project rubric. Before editing, the video of the entire lesson was fifty six minutes in length. The video was recorded in two parts due to a split class period. Parts of the review, the oral textbook reading, the whole group discussions, the student activity, and the review were cut during editing, in order to decrease the length and file size of the video. However, small sections of each of these areas were included in the edited video. Voice projection is an area that I rarely have difficulty with. My instruction during the lesson was clear and audible on the video. Areas of this lesson that I feel were strong include having all materials and equipment…

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