The Science Fiction Type Of Stasis Essay

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Stasis is not the science fiction type of stasis where you are frozen in time; it is more akin to hibernation. We will slow the bodies of humans down to a state where they can still function as a person but not get deadly hypothermia. Astronauts aren’t supposed to live off of their body fat for 8 months like bears so scientists have come up for a solution to give humans that same affect by giving them liquid nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This is great because it bypasses the digestive system and does not produce waste that takes up room on a ship.
This solves the problem that the trip to mars takes too long for a person to be comfortable on a spaceship. An active human requires many provisions to keep them alive or entertained, for months at a time. If humans were to be in stasis, then it would keep the mass of the ship down without all of the food required to keep however many people alive for that long on top of all of the food and water that they will consume while on the planet. Another thing is that it will mess with the psychology of the crew being surrounded by the same people, doing the same things over and over again the entire trip.
This is needed to be addressed because it is very costly to put things into space and to cut the costs, it is best to try to remove as much weight as possible from the ship The ship would be able to leave roughly 4000 kilograms of food behind making the ship four thousand kilograms lighter making it need less fuel to…

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