The Schoolboy Who Has Committed His First Crime Essay

716 Words Nov 21st, 2016 3 Pages
It is believed that these two features -- nature or nurture -- held sway over human tendency towards certain behaviors. In order words, our genes and surroundings do not only dictate the color of our eyes and hair, or the way we talk and dress, but also our tendency in partaking in certain criminal activities, like murder. In many crime stories, these two forces can easily said to be the led factor. Like the story of the schoolboy who has committed his first crime at age 10, and later was jailed for armed robbery at 15. The teenager, Nathaniel Hemy, followed Nringleader Sid Pumford who was brandishing a meat cleaver, and terrorized workers as they opened up for business, forcing them to open the safe, taking $150. To his defense, according to his family, Hemy 's crime deserves to be pardoned because of his 'tough upbringing, ' that even at a young age, he was always in and out of day care, and did not even know his father 's name. Other crimes, like the story of the well-known Hollywood director 's son, who has killed six people and severely injured 13, and later turned the gun to himself. He left a note claiming that he got rejected by a girl, and therefore, felt the need to commit such act. His story has generated a lot of heated arguments, where many people felt that his reason was plainly nonsensical. For a 13 year-old boy, Hollywood director 's son, who have been well-nurtured and cared for, such atrocious act allows no room for defense -- many believed. Thus,…

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