Essay about The School to Prison Pipeline

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The School to Prison Pipeline: The Criminalization of American Students The School to Prison Pipeline: The Criminalization of American Students Kimberly N. Wright Western Governors University

Introduction Your permanent record! The thing that was held over most of our heads when we were in school. Your teacher or maybe your parents threatened that your bad behavior was going to end up on your “permanent record” and ruin your life. We shrugged them off, thought they were being dramatic or crazy and didn’t think much of it. Unfortunately for some students, the School to Prison Pipeline is making the threat of a bad permanent record all too real, as well as the consequences behind it. What is
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In the Wisconsin case, charges were ultimately dropped once officials learned the student obtained the additional nuggets from a fellow student who couldn’t eat them due to a fast. Since 1986 Black and Hispanic students have been increasingly segregated from their white counterparts. At a higher rate, minority students are among those denied diplomas or are held back a grade due to a nationwide increase in mandatory testing.

Across the country Black students are three times more likely to be classified as mentally retarded than their White peers and two times as likely to be classified as being emotionally disturbed. Once these students have been identified, Black and Hispanic students are more likely to be sequestered from their non-disabled peers. In Texas, students face a Class C Misdemeanor for violating truancy laws which can carry jail time along with fines. The problems are so severe that the Texas Legislature moved to decriminalize truancy in bills presented during the 2015 session.
According to Texas Appleseed, between 2010 and 2013 over 6000 students who came before a Truancy Judge were ordered to withdraw from school, took the GED and failed. 80% of those students were Black, Hispanic, or in special education. Dropout rates from school districts around the country are hiding the increasing graduation gap between white and minority students (Wald, 2003). How does the “Pipeline” work?

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