The School 's Mission Statement Essay

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As a University of St. Thomas undergraduate student, I believe the school’s mission statement has contributed to my personal growth these last four years. I have been shaped into a morally responsible leader, who thinks critically, acts wisely, and works skillfully to advance the common good through my experiences on campus and my involvement in several clubs, organizations, and volunteer groups. All of these experiences taught me skills to better myself as a future educator. As the president of the University of St. Thomas Special Olympics Club, I learned to be a morally responsible leader. I helped build a partnership with Highland Friendship Club to facilitate university students volunteering with adults with disabilities once a month at different social events. I considered the needs of everyone in our group when planning these events. I made sure transportation was provided for those on campus without cars, as well as made sure all social activities were inclusive and accessible to everyone.
I also volunteered at the Boys & Girls Club of America. I worked with students at their after school club and assisted with those who needed extra help with homework. Here I learned how to be morally responsible by showing kids their true potential and being a role model in my actions at the club. My critical thinking skills grew when I started tutoring a seventh grade boy with autism my sophomore year in college. To do my job well I had to start with the end goal and…

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