The School 's Culture, Socialization, And Equity Essay

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The school’s culture, socialization, and equity is a key element for producing the school’s purpose, curriculum, philosophy, and theoretical approach. Students cultural, income, and ethnic backgrounds are often used to pick the most suitable philosophy, theoretical approach, curriculum, and philosophy. While finding out what best suits the student’s diverse background, mistakes are destined to happen. Every school has their bump in the road when it comes to compromising with students of color and/or low SES students. With every effort, it is important that schools learn from not only the issues, as well as the students, and prevent the conflict from happening again.
At Concord Middle School, the number of suspensions are at an alarming high rate, especially coming from the Hispanic and African American students. With the school being made up of 31% African American, 36% White, and 27% Hispanic, the high suspension rates have been recognized as an issue. Out of the 16.0% of Students at Concord Middle School who were disciplined with an In-School-Suspension (ISS), 28.1% were African Americans students, 12.8% were Hispanic/Latino students and 7.2% were White students (Concord Middle). Also, out of the 9.9% of students at Concord Middle School, who were disciplined with an Out-of-School-Suspension (OSS), 17.2% were African American students, 6.4% were Hispanic/Latino students, and 4.7% were White students (Concord Middle). African American and Hispanic students do make up the…

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