The School Vision And Mission Essay

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When determining if a school has the same values and beliefs as myself, I look at the school vision and mission. My number one goal is to support student learning. If the school’s vision and mission supports student learning that is a step in the right direction. Student achievement is very important to me as an educator. I know and understand that I help to work at a school that supports students in every way. I want to make sure the school I’ll be working for knows what is important when educating. The school’s vision and mission must have student’s best interest at heart. I feel passionate about my core values and beliefs, when I respect and learn about the core values and beliefs of a potential school; I must have that same feelings. When I decide that a school has the same core value and beliefs as myself, I will feel it and know that the school is the right place for me. I believe that all students have the ability to learn and grow; working for a school that supports my values and beliefs is the perfect place for me. I want to be a part of a school community where student achievement is a top priority and learning is most important to all stakeholders. There are several ways to align school and community visions. It believes it begins with an effective school leader. According to Fiore, (2011), an effective school leader provides encouragement, recognizing and support for improving student learning. When a school district or community does not share an aligned…

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