The School Of Social Work Essay

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School of Social Work Majoring in Social Work and looking for a school that will help you achieve greatness and be successful as a social worker than Southern Illinois University Carbondale is the school for you. Southern Illinois University School of Social Work Is part of the College of Education and Human services. It is among the best. It is ranked 89 in the nation ( It has received the highest international honor for social work education and The Global Commission of the council on Social Work Education received Partner in International Education Award ( The School of Social Work at Southern Illinois doesn’t only concentrate on one aspect of social work like other university’s. Southern Illinois concentration includes children, youth, and families: health and mental health; and a school social work certificate program ( Another advantage of studying Social work at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is the variety of programs related to the field. The University offers minor s in Psychology, sociology, Criminology, Spanish and other minors that would go great with a social work major ( Their bachelors and master’s degree programs are both accredited by the council on Social Work and Education and have been for many years ( The accreditation is proof of how great and hard working the faculty, program, and students are. SIU also offers you a way of strengthening your learning experience by participating in the…

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