The School Of A Catholic School Essay

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Have you ever been to a Catholic School before? Well I have basicitly my whole life from kindergarten to eighth grade. Going to a Catholic School is very different from going to a public school. The school runs things distinctly, they teach differently, and the sports are very different too. At this Catholic school it was very small everyone knew each other, everyone knew what was going on. It was just like a little town. Since it is a small school we didn’t have many sports we had basketball, soccer, volleyball and golf. The main sport at this school was basketball. There are four teams Junior Varsity Girls and Boys, and Varsity Girls and Boys. Since the school was so small the JV team’s grades went from fourth grade to sixth grade. V teams went from seventh to eight grade.
When I was in fourth grade I was excited because it was the year I could play basketball, but of course I knew it was too good to be true. My mom wouldn’t let me play basketball until I was in the sixth grade because she wanted me to keep my grades up. When playing any type of sport if we weren’t passing one class we couldn’t play that sport for a week or play the next game. Two years passed by and it was time I was in the sixth grade. I got the papers that were sent home to sign up for basketball and I was so excited this time my mom signed the paper to let me play. This would be my best friend and I’s first practice we were the only two new people because our moms wanted to do the same thing. My best…

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