The School Lunch Laws Didn 't Make The Expectations People Hoped

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The School Lunch Law Didn’t Make the Expectations People Hoped
Since 2010, the school lunch program has gradually became a problem for students around the United States. School lunch programs around the country have reported problems about children of all ages throwing away most of their meal. The average price for one school lunch meal is in the $2.50 range, kids are throwing away almost $2.50 a day of their parents money by getting the meal and throwing it all away. School lunches have been a problem a lot lately around the country, and that is why I do not believe the lunch law made the expectations people hoped for it.
Harry Truman was the United States 33rd President, and was elected April 12, 1945. A year after being elected he created the National School Lunch Program. President Truman wanted to promote child nutrition while supporting american farmers. After reading an article about a study that revealed many young men were being rejected from World War II, caused by childhood malnutrition, he wanted to do something about it. The first school lunch law was established under the national school lunch act. (ProQuest Staff)
In 2010, the Legislation signed the new lunch Law. President Obama, who was elected 2008, required schools to update their nutrition standards. But, as students and parents across the country know that the hopes for this law, didn’t go as planned. This was the first time in 15 years that this law had been changed to meet new regulations. Only 86% of…

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