The School Day Is Important For Any Student 's Future Essay

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The average school day is important for any student’s future in education or career and how well they perform in school will affect their life later on. The morning routine for a younger student may be a little much including the fact that the majority of the schools’ population has to wake up at an extremely early time, which can cause sleep deprivation and fatigue, all of which can hinder a student’s performance. Also, the average person would state that they have to wake up too early to get to school so the school day should start later. The average school day should start later because the current school time causes sleep deprivation, lowers student scores and alters the body. Sleep deprivation is a common factor among students that have to wake up at an early time to get to school. Most students actually feel the effects of sleep deprivation throughout the day, and are affected by it in the majority of their classes. In the article written by the sleep foundation, “Adolescent sleep deprivation is largely driven by a conflict between teens’ internal biological clocks and the schedules and demands of society. Therefore, it makes sense to look at school start times, which set the rhythm of the day for students, parents, teachers and members of the community at large.” When teens go to school they are most likely to be affected by sleep deprivation all because of the overwhelming cause of the school opening time. If the students hadn’t have to be at school at such an…

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