The School Day For Elementary Students Essay

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Chapter One- Introduction
Statement of Problem
When thinking of the course of an average school day for elementary students one envisions a day spent working through the four major academic cores, in order to achieve a balanced education. Thus has been the experience of generations of school age children since the dawn of public education in America. A new era has arisen that has challenged, if not overthrown, traditional education dogma; a sole focus on English and Mathematics in the Elementary School setting. Science and Social Studies have been cast to the perphicials of the school day curriculum with little reflection on what these trends might mean to the value of education the student receives. If this was an isolated event on a local level it would be of little concern; instead it has become a national trend.
The question must be posed, why? This problem stems from two issues. First, elementary education programs focus on the modern two cores, English and Mathematics, paying only lip service to Science and Social Studies. This leads to teachers becoming unconformable with the content in these two subjects. This level of uncertainty produces a focus away from Social Studies and a focus on the other two contents. The second reason for the marginalization of Social Studies in the Elementary classroom is High Stakes testing that places great importance on Mathematics and English but barely recognizes the role Social Studies plays in a student’s education. Teachers…

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