Essay The School Board : The Value Of The Teacher

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Maya Angelou said, "This is the value of the teacher, who looks at a face and says there is something behind that and I want to reach that person, I want to influence that person, I want to encourage that person, I want to enrich, I want to call out that person who is behind that face, behind that color, behind that language, behind that tradition, behind that culture. I believe you can do it. I know what was done for me" (Tucker). Although kindergarten teachers create the foundation for learning, their job becomes a challenge when low teacher pay, lack of school funding, and changing standards and curriculum keep them from doing their basic job; therefore if you would change one of the challenges the others would eventually fix themselves in time.

For decades, teachers have climbed, step by step, up the traditional pay ladder, automatically earning salary increases based on their education level and years of service (Delisio) . There are several ways that the school board could help with teacher pay. First is merit pay, which is that individual teachers receive bonuses on how well they teach. Second is knowledge and skills based pay, which they get paid more when they acquire new skills and use them when they are teaching. Third is performance, which is based on how well the children 's performance increases when they do testing or other criteria. Fourth is school based performance, which all teachers get raises depending on how the school does as a whole. Teachers…

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