Essay The School Administration Of Anytown

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A high school principal from Anytown, USA shuts down the student run online magazine based on claims of vulgarity and illicit comments toward the staff. Although the material is not subject to prior authorization from administration, the principal claims the material to be disruptive and otherwise distractive from classroom work and deemed the content less than appropriate for the given age and grade level. Many states have adapted laws that govern protection to student journalists’ enhanced press freedom; however, the First Amendment does not protect all persons equally, as a student’s freedom of expression may be limited if it is found to significantly disrupt a school day.

The school administration of Anytown, USA backs the decision of the principal of Anytown High School in his decision to cease further publication of the school newspaper. Although the newspaper is run by students who control all of the content, the principal and administration still holds the overall responsibility of maintaining a level of “censorship” as to not infringe upon the beliefs and standards set by the Board of Education.

This freedom of speech and press has been argued in multiple courts throughout the United States, and dependent upon the state in which the case is heard, the outcome can be vastly different. Based on the hierarchy of the freedom of expression, students rank somewhere in the middle, falling between university students and government employees, as…

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