Essay about The Scenario Happened During My Summer Internship Program

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The scenario happened during my recent summer internship program. I was asked by my colleague to do some research readings for his project since I was not busy at that time and I was quite free. Since he asked me politely to help him do the work, I just did the task for him. He also didn’t force me to do it for him and I`m willingly offered to help him. I knew that it was his responsibility to do the research, but I positively thought that I can get some output from doing the project. I did finished half of the research and he completed the other portion. He made the presentation on the research successfully.
I think my action was ethical because he was not using any force or threaten me if I didn’t do the job. I voluntarily lend a hand to him. He did not promised or offered any rewards or compensation for the exchange of job that I done for him. I did not stand the work based on the future rewards or benefit I get in future. The relationship that exist also influence my decision and the benefit that I earned from doing the job also the reason why my action is considered as an ethical behavior. The notion of good most importantly means any action or task that I done inspire other people to give benefit to the society.
I believe in sincerity of doing ones’ job will influence others to make a better changes to others. Rewards or money should not be the parameters of good, but it should be creating something meaningful and make a great impact towards someone. I believe if a…

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