The Scarlet Letter 's Interpretation By The Town And How It Changes Over Time

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1. Do you think Hester’s Punishment was fair?
During the time period in which the book takes place, adultery was taken far more seriously than it does today. I think that it is hard to understand how the people felt about the issue so we don 't understand how serious it was to them. Hester 's punishments were severe but due to the degree of the offense during that time period; it was understandable. In fact, considering the culture and time period that she lived in, her punishment was rather lenient. She could have been branded or even killed, but the only repercussions were rejection by society and a constant reminder of her crime, which in reality is not nearly as severe as was likely for her to receive.
2. Describe the Scarlet Letter’s interpretation by the town and how it changes over time. Cite specific examples.
The town viewed the elaborate A as a symbol of Hester 's sin. It transformed throughout the story because it was originally viewed as her sin but it then began to be seen as her being able and providing aid. The Scarlett Letter became a part of Hester and almost defined her. Her daughter was infatuated with the letter and almost saw the letter before she saw her mother. Her letter seems to change from adulterer to able. As she changes and helps others, leaving behind the true meaning of the letter on her chest, others begin to do the same.
3. Describe how Hawthorne’s use of colors—black, red, gray—influence the reader’s perception of the moral and emotional…

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