The Scarlet Letter : Relevance Of The Digital Age Essay examples

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The Scarlet Letter: Relevance in the Digital Age Over the centuries between the Puritan settlement as depicted in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and the present, society has evolved in ways of acceptance and integration of diverse groups of people. In the physical world, diversity of experience now shapes communities and is embraced by them. However, the rise of the importance of the internet in people’s lives has created a virtual world, where the sense of being connected to nearly all people intensifies the human tendencies toward judgement and idolization. The virtual world set back the acceptance of the physical world, as online communities can behave in unrestricted ways, avoiding consequences to their disagreeable behavior, as they hide behind the anonymous aspect of the internet. In The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne presents the realities of the 17th century Massachusetts Bay Colony, exploring themes such as the role of the artist in society and society-enforced consequences of breaking the moral code. In many ways, these central themes of The Scarlet Letter as they relate to the paradigm between the individual and the society are relevant to and reflective of the environment created on the internet between individuals and online communities, which allows the novel’s morals to remain relevant in the digital age, because the behavior of the Puritan society creates an environment that reflects the present day human tendencies toward idolization…

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