The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay

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In “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the difficult time many people went through is seen. It is mostly seen how women did not have as many choices as men did, it shows how women were judged and watched for every little thing that they did. Their actions spoke louder than their words, because no one was willing to hear what they had to say, they were just willing to see the outcome. The beliefs that society had, compared to the ones that society has today were very different yet in a way the same. We might judge, insult, and talk about a woman now for cheating on her husband, but back then it was similar yet different because it was something that was very serious and punishable by death. The characters in “The Scarlet Letter include: Hester Prynne who is accused of adultery, Arthur Dimmesdale who is the man who had the relationship with Hester and father of Pearl, Roger Chillingworth who is the husband of Hester, Pearl the daughter of Hester and Arthur, and Governor Richard Bellingham who is the Governor at the time in which “The Scarlet Letter” takes place. All of these characters as well as the community members are all in way part of the buildup of the beliefs and injustices that occurred in Boston in the 17th century. These injustices are expressed by the themes in the book; some of the themes included are love, guilt, and braveness.
To begin with, one of the themes in “The Scarlet Letter” that is seen throughout the book is love, especially the love that a…

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