Essay on The Scarlet Letter And The Minister 's Black Veil

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The Scarlet Letter and “The Minister’s Black Veil”

During his time, Nathaniel Hawthorne ended up writing many great books and short stories. One novel that he wrote is The Scarlet Letter. The Scarlet Letter takes place during the Puritan era and focuses on the sin of Hester Prynne. In comparison, a short story that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote is “The Minister’s Black Veil.” Like The Scarlet Letter, “The Minister’s Black Veil” focuses on the symbolic meaning of one character, Parson Hooper. Throughout both pieces, Hawthorne shows some similarities and differences. In both works the minister and Hester are feared by the public and, in both pieces the color black symbolizes fear and corruption and, in The Scarlet Letter Hester wears a letter ‘A’ while in “The Minister’s Black Veil” the minister wears a veil.

In both The Scarlet Letter and “The Minister’s Black Veil” the main characters, Hester Prynne and Parson Hooper, are feared by the public. For example, when walking around town or when going to the church to worship, Hester feels out of place and unwelcome due to her scarlet letter ‘A’. “[C]lergymen paused in the street to address words of exhortation, that brought a crowd, with its mingled grin and frown, around the poor, sinful woman. If she entered a church, trusting to share the Sabbath smile of the Universal Father, it was often her mishap to find herself the text of the discourse”(Scarlet 49). Society treats her as an outcast because of her sin, and society fears…

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