The Scarlet Letter And One Good Time Essay

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“For the weak and immature man will, often, admire a superior woman, but he will not be able to abide by a feeling, which is too severe a tax on his habitual existence” (Fuller 75). Within the three pieces of literature, The Scarlet Letter, “One Good Time,” and “Woman in the Nineteenth Century,” each boldly steps outside of the traditional female gender roles during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They define how women should be treated or provide proof that women are strong and resilient. In a strong Puritan patriarchal society, these types of characteristics rebel against their beliefs. In addition to the literary sources, there are documented cases where women were put on trial or defamed for expressing their opinions about women’s treatment. This harms the patriarchal ideologies that women are property of men, lack intelligence, and their only role is to tend to the house and children. The characters within The Scarlet Letter and “One Good Time” are two fictional pieces written for the eighteenth century women contesting treatment and exercising their free will. In “Woman in the Nineteenth Century,” the factual experiences provided by Margaret Fuller justify why women should realize their oppressive situation and encourages them to take action. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries a woman had to fight stereotypical feminine roles in a male-dominated society in order to live a life of their choosing without societal support. A patriarchal society has…

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