Essay on The Scarlet Letter And Minister 's Black Veil

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Many of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s works, such as Scarlet Letter and “Minister’s Black Veil”, use the themes of guilt and alienation. He uses guilt as something that can eat away at someone’s soul. While he uses alienation as something that can come from sin and guilt from sin. He uses guilt and alienation to change his characters through his works, like The Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne uses the themes of guilt and alienation through his works and the effects of guilt and alienation to show the suffering that comes from it.
First, Hawthorne uses guilt in The Scarlet Letter to show suffering that comes from it. In the first scaffold scene, Hawthorne uses sternness and somberness in the crowd to create a harsh guilt that will grow in Dimmesdale and Hester. Hester’s guilt is symbolized by her Scarlet A she wears but Hawthorne uses the A to add on to her natural beauty (Leary 118). While Dimmesdale tries to reveal his guilt not by saying it himself but by getting Hester to say it, however, Hester will not reveal that Dimmesdale is guilty as well (Leary 112). By Hester not revealing Dimmesdale’s guilt, it leads to his guilt eating his soul because of his pride (Leary 113). Later, Dimmesdale tries to relieve his guilt by talking to Hester upon the same scaffold she would not reveal his guilt. This gives him the hope that by being there with Hester his guilt will not be hidden anymore, but by him doing this and seeing Hester he also sees her agony that comes from her guilt (Leary…

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