The Scarlet Letter And Far From Heaven Show Prejudice And Treatment Of Society

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An ‘Outsider’ is someone who lives on the fringes of society because they variate from the social norms and standards that society conforms to. They do not agree with society 's morals, values, standards, rules, customs or behaviour and as a result they are met with contempt and condemnation, which can gravely injure one’s reputation or social standing. Both The Scarlet Letter and Far from Heaven show this prejudice and treatment of the ‘outsider’. The Scarlet Letter is set in the 1600’s Puritan society which bases its laws and society values on their religion. Everything about this society is based on the strict religious standard and if not this standard is not upheld they are duly and uncompromisingly punished with no empathy. Hester Prynne, the protagonist of the novel, is branded and shunned for committing adultery. Far from Heaven is set in the american 1950’s, 300 years after the novel and it shows how people are still being shunned and pre-judged for their race, gender, sexuality, and behaviour. This can be seen as a question on ‘how far have we actually come?’

The Scarlet Letter can be compared to the film Far from Heaven in the way that it speculated on history and made a statement about human behaviour and conditioning at the time of composition. The Scarlet Letter gives judgement on the ubiquitous aspects of human behaviour such as guilt, sin, religion, and society’s needs to conform. The story is set in the Puritan era in early American history where it was a…

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