The Scandal Case Study Case Study Essay

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My five most important personal core values include honesty, self-acceptance, fairness, helping and forgiveness; Honesty is like a security blanket with a relationship, it’s the foundation of whether you choose to have a happy, long lasting relationship or whether you want it to be a lie and be an unresolved case of the truth. Self-acceptance is wanting to love yourself despite what everyone else thinks, to be self-accepting you have to have happiness and satisfaction within yourself. Fairness, true fairness would be where everyone is treated the same, or there is an unbiased system of balance. Helping, I believe that not even one person knows everything there is to do with the world and its matter. Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses and your strengths that you possess could really help out someone who is weak in ability in that area. Also, you may be more well off than others, example you walk past a homeless person and you are willing to help them out, by buying them a blanket or purchasing them some food, they would be eternally happy and forever grateful. Lastly, forgiveness, to make a deliberate decision to release the feeling of pain or stress that you are going through that was cause from a specific person or group, regardless if you meant it or not.

Volkswagen were accused by the EPA (environmental Protection Agency) that many cars being sold in America had a ‘defeat device’ in diesel engines that would…

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