The Sas Institute Culture : Employee Centered Values Essay

1236 Words Jun 14th, 2016 null Page
“Because employees bring their whole selves to work, SAS strives to reduce stress and distraction so they can do their best.” SAS institute by Ellen Bankert, Mary Dean Lee, and Candice Lange explained a well-organized company with great employees and owners. The CEO and founder of the company are Jim Goodnight who owns two-thirds of the corporation, while the vice president and John Sall, who owns one-third. SAS institute was founded in 1976, where there are 5,400 employees and 3,400 company’s headquarters located in North Carolina. This company is known as one of the best industry to work for, there are many perks if you are an employee here. Those benefits are health benefits, private offices, state-of-the-art athletic facilities and much more. In terms of remarkable non-tangibles, the company is able to offer an employee a 35-hour workweek and if they’re sick, there is no limit in calling off of work. Not to mention, this case captures many foundations that define the SAS institute culture: employee-centered values and interdependence, risk-taking, advantages to primary resources, and the company’s physical working environment. The aspects and motivation for creating this safe and fun type of environment, the author describes strengths and weakness that Jim Goodnight’s has where he values his work. In the light of maintaining a great working environment, the case mentions the four strategies that enlightened the company culture. Those strategies are their strong…

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