The Sandy Lake Reserve And Give A Brief History Surrounding Indigenous Peoples

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The Indigenous people of Canada have been misrepresented in the media since the 20th Century. In core-relation to this misrepresentation, racism is a social determinant of health for Indigenous peoples. Stereotypes in the media continue to affect the health and well-being of Indigenous peoples by “impacting access to education, housing, food, security, and employment,” as well as “permeating societal systems and institutions.” (Allan & Smylie 2) As a result, Indigenous peoples are not given equal healthcare treatment in comparison to non-Indigenous Canadians. This briefing report will identify health issues currently on the Sandy Lake reserve and give a brief history surrounding Indigenous peoples. It will outline why current healthcare systems are problematic, the role of the media, and finally what journalists can do to successfully cover such a topic.
Brief Overview of History of Indigenous Peoples Although the history, struggles and triumphs, and culture of any nation cannot be defined to a few sentences, the following will describe historical events that are specific to the situation on the Sandy Lake reserve in Northern Ontario. Residential schools were government sponsored initiatives established in the early 1900’s as an attempt to convert, educate, and integrate Indigenous children into Euro-Canadian culture. If anything, residential schools were an act of cultural assimilation while committing cultural genocide. Several of the problems at residential…

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