The Sanctions On Ordinary Iranian Citizens Essay examples

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While the sanctions were designed to severely hamper Iran’s economy, trade and access to international financial systems, thereby diminishing the power of the Islamic regime, they inadvertently helped the Iranian government consolidate its power among the people, deflecting blame and its own flaws on Western powers. The impact of nearly thirty-five years of aggressively enforced sanctions on ordinary Iranian citizens has been devastating. The downfall of Iran’s economy and industry have resulted in severe inflation and massive unemployment, thereby creating harsh living and working conditions for ordinary Iranians. The number of families living in poverty has increased from 22 percent to over 40 percent, and the price of food has increased dramatically, turning everyday consumables such as milk, fruits, and vegetables into luxuries. The Iranian people are more concerned about putting food on the table, which is becoming increasingly difficult to get, given strictly enforced bans on shipping goods and processing payments for food purchases.
While sanctions do not directly include importation of basic needs, services, and aid, Iranians have much trouble receiving access to such commodities as medicines, medical equipment and treatments. Sanctions have prevented Iran’s access to purchase patented life-saving medicines from the West in order to help people suffering from a wide range of serious illnesses, including cancer and AIDS. In effect, sanctions jeopardize the health and…

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