San Diego Museum Essay

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When given the opportunity to get outside of a book for a class I usually take it. When a trip to Balboa Park in San Diego, California is also included the choice is that much easier. For this essay I visited The San Diego Museum of Art to look for a painting that matched the criteria of a painting from 1800-1880 that illustrates realism or romanticism. I came across an oil on canvas painting of everything I have learned what realism art is suppose to look like. The painting was of a man on a horse looking down on a boy with a dog close behind them on a dirt trail. There were tall trees, large mountains, and a river that seemed to show how small the characters were in painting and how nature was that surrounded them. The painting was titled In the Catskills. The artist of the painting was Asher B. Durand. Durand lived from 1796-1886; he painted In the Catskills in 1848. The painting is done on canvas using oil and measures 30in. x42in. and1/4. After researching Asher B. Durand and looking into his paintings I noticed a lot of his work had to do with nature. It seemed that he drew from nature using a lot of realism. Much of his drawings were done in the northeast area of the United States. I was mesmerized when I first saw this painting. I wasn’t exactly sure at first on what was causing it …show more content…
Not only just on paper but visually as well. There were many other paintings that I saw that could have met the criteria for realism or romanticism and just looking at those paintings and evaluating them in my head is what truly let me grasp the concepts. It is now much easier for me to realize the difference between the two as well as recognize different paintings on my own. This does not only extend to the artwork, but the thought between when and where those painting were painted and what it represented in society at that

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