Essay on The Same Title By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Great Gatsby: 1920s extravagance in a 2013 world
Great Gatsby is a romantic drama conveyed from Baz Luhrmann’s film adaption of the novel of the same title by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A film of grandeur, fantasy, and sorrow brings alive the story of Nick Caraway’s fateful summer with the rich and fabulous set in a fictional Long island town. While the movie stays true to the original book, many parts are recreated in a new light. Nick Caraway is in a hospital for treatment after an unknown period of time after the events take place and his doctor prompts him to write about what is causing his distress. What follows is his time as a stock broker living in fictional East egg in a small cottage amongst huge mansions. Within Great Gatsby Luhrmann strives to deliver with several cinematic styles that includes strategic shots, elaborate and over the top sets, and pairs that with flamboyant costumes to showcase the antirealistic ideals of early 1920s affluence.
Baz Luhrmann previously worked with Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet (1996) and took a similar take on that movie as he did with The Great Gatsby (2013). Being familiar with DiCaprio’s strong suits helped the overall performance of the cast and truly made him the star of the movie. Jay Gatsby takes thirty minutes to appear into the film to finally be revealed adding to the mysterious allure of his character. Even when he does appear, his face is hidden and the film shots are low angle and only show his ring while he…

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