Essay on The, Salvation, And Baptism

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From initial reading, this passage (Acts 8:26-40) appears to be centered around obedience and its importance. There is also an implication that proper understanding of the scriptures is necessary for discipleship. There is however, a central theme that trumps the prior two. It is written in verses 30 and 31 when Philip asks the Eunuch, “Do you understand what you’re reading?” “How can I,” he said, [the Eunuch] “unless someone guides me” (HCSB)? This section illustrates the message of this encounter. It touches on all the key elements found within. These elements include; obedience, bible study, salvation, and baptism. The book of Acts seems to have been written for the early church in order to outline and define; the purpose, methods and doctrines that should be adhered. This above identified section of the text highlights the apparent intention of Luke in recording this event. It seems to demonstrate, and address the current issues and concerns of the time. These four themes are found throughout this passage. What are the implications they have for all believers both then, and now? This passage does come with additional questions that will also need to be addressed.
The questions raised by this selection of text include; location, omission/addition, terminology, and significance. Where was Philip when the angel first spoke to him? Where did he (geographically) encounter the Ethiopian? How did they both reach their eventual destinations? Where did verse 37 come from and why…

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