The Sales Promotion Techniques That Gained Significant Traction

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It is my intention to discuss three sales promotion techniques that gained significant traction in my country, none of which it appears were ideas generated here, rather were imported from the US either by US firms pre-existing in the marketplace or by enterprising firms here looking for a commercial edge. Those three will be the use of relationship management software to establish a ‘coupon culture’, product sampling/testing groups, and finally loyalty programs. I shall end the piece with my thoughts on whether or not these options are and could be made available in other countries.

The idea of coupons is not a new one in my country, but their use was sporadic and limited to a few products, nothing on a national scale. The 1980’s brought a major shift change in our shopping habits, with the rapid growth of the supermarkets we began to leave smaller independent traders and moved to large chains. These chains were good at enticing you with offers on the products you already bought, but also in the wider range of goods available. Coupons were offered to all patons as a means to selling the items to more customers, a small financial discount offered was enough for many to switch brand, and the hope was that once tried they would not go back to their original brand. But by offering to all it was rather scattergun, more hit and hope that targeted promotion.

This changed with the advent of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in the 1990’s. Computers were now able…

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