The Salem Witch Trials: Inevitable Tragedy Essay

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The Salem witchcraft trials were a horrific set of events that caused harm to many people, but it was essentially bound to happen. That is not to say that that exact thing had to happen, but due to the society of the day, a conflict of some sort was basically guaranteed. Because of everything going on with politics and religion, combined with the way of society, it was something of a powder keg where no one could guess what, but it could be seen that something bad was bound to happen.
One of the reasons why this series of events was even possible in the first place was the entire world view at that time. Life in New England during the seventeenth century was very different from the way we live now. The world itself was viewed in a way
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Although they were more charged, this was not a focused assault against women, but rather a statement of the way things were in that day. Because women had such a small role in public society, those who spoke up or acted against the norms, such as women who inherited land, were often charged as witches to

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