The Salem Witch Trials Essay

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The Salem Witch Trials During the seventeenth-century, an outbreak of witchcraft struck Salem Village, Massachusetts. Was it really witchcraft or was it just petty children? Either way, this took a toll on the New England colony and influenced history greatly. There are many documents and cases that reveal how the hysteria began, how it continued, and abruptly ended. The “afflicted girls”, Sarah and Dorcas Good, were not apart of Salem Village, but accused Tituba, the slave of Samuel Parris, of witchcraft. Many accusers lived on the west side of Salem Village, versus the east where most everyone was a defender. The Putnam family resided on the west side. They were very influential in the community and supported Samuel Parris, the pastor of the church in Salem. Samuel Parris was questioned by many people in Salem because of his aggressive nature towards the outbreak. Many opposed Parris’ position in the church because of the new enforcement of the royal colonies. It is believed that he took this case of witchcraft as an opportunity to get people to come back to the Puritan church. When it came to the trial of the witches, Samuel showed mercy and this did not settle well with the political leaders. Parris’ gave a sermon that talked about there is always one devil in the church. This caused much division among the people. “Christ Knows How Many Devils There Are” is the sermon that Samuel Parris gave once the hysteria began. The word “hypocrite” is mentioned quite often.…

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