Salem Witch Hunt Research Paper

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Muslim American Witch Hunt Versus Salem Witch Hunt The Salem witch trials was only the start to “witch hunts” in the United States. Throughout history, there has been witch hunts for witches, communists, and one of the more recent, Muslim Americans. Ever since the terrorist attack on 9/11, there has been a stereotype that all Muslim Americans are terrorists or dangerous in some way. Hate crimes have only increased against them. The Salem witch hunt is all too familiar to the Muslim American witch hunt, and it makes it hard to say whether the American society has really changed at all.
Salem Witch Hunts The Salem witch hunts started with three young girls who were “terrorised” by witches, and who ended up accusing people in their community.
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In an article called Salem Witch Trials published in 2009, the author said “because [Puritans] saw themselves as God’s chosen people, Puritans constantly sought signs that the devil was in their midst, testing their piety.” They would blame the inconveniences of life on the devil. They viewed people who were different than them as some sort of minion from the Devil. Puritans also thought by finding out the witches lurking in their community was only pleasing God because they thought these witches were testing their faith. They had reasons to justify their actions, but there is no reason large enough to execute 20 suspected …show more content…
In Salem, there was conflict between Salem town and Salem village which added to the tensions and ultimately was a factor in the outbreak of accusations. When the Muslim American witch hunts were in full swing after 9/11, practically everywhere there was discontentment in the country. People did not know what the attack meant. There was talk of war which frightened almost all Americans. Americans were also wondering how the United States government would handle the situation, and how the city of New York could possibly recover from such a

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